Looping Busker Music, Three Trios, Signs of Occupation, Digger and common ground, performed by Plus-Minus Ensemble and others, available from Métier here

mural performed by EXAUDI, available from Confront Recordings here

TIDE performed by Apartment House, available on CD and download from Métier here

‘Hortus conclusus’ from Mala punica, performed by EXAUDI (2009)

New Day, performed by Rolf Hind (piano) and the CoMA Summer School Ensemble (2014)

Narrow Path, performed by Richard Craig (flute) (2012)

Complainte, performed by Julia Doyle (2007)

The Freedom of the Earth, performed by New London Chamber Choir and London Sinfonietta (2011)

Wie soll ich meine Seele halten, performed by em.em.em (Tokyo, 2012)

Softest Numbers, performed by Amarins Wierdsma (violin) and Aaron Burrows (piano) (2014)

Cornish String Music, performed by participants on the CoMA Summer School (2015)

Joy, performed by Alexandra Raikhlina, Gordon Bragg (violins) and Jan Bradley (percussion) (2016)

Schilderkonst, performed by Kürbis Ensemble (2007)