for guitar, bass clarinet and any two bowed string instruments, with weeds (2021)

commissioned and performed by Prague Quiet Music Collective:

Ian Mikyska (guitar and weeds), Irvin Venyš (bass clarinet and weeds), Milan Kárník Jakeš (violin and weeds), Luan Gonçalves (double bass and weeds)

f.p. at Prague Quiet Music Festival, Museum of Music, Prague, 18 December 2021


Watch the premiere


Weeds: unwanted plants, plants in the wrong place:

unwanted, small, straggling, spindly, rough, common, not useful, without elegant form, texture or colour, lacking in definition, unclear, lacking in strength;

in the wrong place, unboundaried, messy, in the cracks, spilling-out, unplanned, unfixed, in-between, uncultivated;

weedweaver is a music of weeds. In the dishonourable ontology of the weed it asserts beauty: fragile, entangled, various, lively.