one performer
Durham solo piano (2017)
windfell solo violin (2017)
The World in tune solo soprano (2013)
Narrow Path solo flute (2013)
Nakedness solo soprano (2012)
Sixty Notes for Anna solo cello (2010)
Digger solo guitar (2010)
Sky solo clarinet with electronics (2010)
Burnham Air solo oboe d’amore (2008/9)
Sixty Notes for Mike solo horn (2007)
Tide solo cello (2007)
Complainte solo soprano/mezzo (2007)
Matsushima solo (or multiple) piano(s) (2005)
Capricho solo violin (2003)
Siciliano solo piano (2003)
Two Perscriptions solo piano (2002)

two performers
Signs of Occupation speaking voice, clarinet (2014)
Softest Numbers violin, piano (2014)
A Toy violin, piano (2011)
Sixty Notes horn, cello (2007-)
Wie soll ich meine Seele halten violin, piano (2006/9)
Sacred Muses trumpet, organ (2005)
Amor de lonh soprano, harpsichord (2002)

instrumental ensembles
Bee Haven any orchestral string instruments (2017)
Düsseldorf ensemble (6 players) (2017)
ærc any orchestral string instruments (2016)
Summer ensemble (7 players) (2016)
Meadow large number of performers, singing and/or playing (2016)
Joy 2 violins, percussion (2016)
Cornish String Music any orchestral string instruments (2015)
Walled Garden 2 alto flutes, bass flute, violin, viola, cello (2015)
Olympic Frieze any pitched instruments (2014)
common ground violin, viola, cello (2014)
Looping Busker Music violin, clarinet, guitar, accordion, tape (2013)
Three Trios violin, cello, piano, tape (2010-11)
Fanfare-Canon 6 trumpets (2010)
String Quartet (to Alberto Caeiro) string quartet (2010)
TIDE oboe d’amore, clarinet, cello, electronics (2007-10)
The Nunhead Harmony clarinet, violin, viola, double bass (2009)
The Peckham Harmony mixed ensemble (2009)
The Lewisham Harmony violin, viola, cello, piano (2008)
The Catford Harmony mixed ensemble (2008)
Come Away soprano, violin, cello, piano (2008)
New Day solo piano and mixed ensemble (2006)
Stacking, Weaving, Building, Joining any pitched instruments (2006)
Honey Celebration violin, cello, piano (2005)
Matsushima multiple (or solo) piano(s) (2005)
Schilderkonst mixed ensemble, string quartet, solo piano (2003-4)

vocal ensembles and choirs
Ecchoing Green any 3-6 voices (2017)
Ave maris stella mixed or upper voices, violin, organ (2003/2017)
Libro di fiammelle e ombre SMCtTBarB soli (2017)
Primo Libro SMCtTBar(orT)B soli (2012-16)
Old English Apple Cultivars 4 upper or lower voices (2015)
One for the Album any number of vocalists with camera-phones (2014)
A tear mixed voices, organ (2014)
Radical Road voices with stones (2014)
mural one or more vocal quartets SATB (2012-13)
Freehand Etude three performers drawing and vocalising (2012)
Inscription SATB soli, string quartet (2011)
The Freedom of the Earth mixed voices, ensemble (2011)
Glossa ATB choir (2010)
Orlando Tenebrae SATB choir (2010)
Mala punica SSAATTBB soli (2008-9)
Fantastic Alarms of the Shaking Luminances mixed voices and instruments (2007)
Hototogisu children’s choir, piano duo (2007)
The Open Consort mixed voices and instruments (2005)
Liebeslied als Geige SATB soli (2005)
Spanish Ladies unison male voices, 2 clarinets, cymbal, piano (2004)
Sint lumbi SATB choir (2004)
Selbstbildnis als Laute SATB soli (2003)